Saturday, August 27, 2016

Simple Creationary

Draw a card and build what you drew, using ten Legos or less, in one minute. Guess others' creations or have yours guessed to get points.
1) Everyone take ten Legos.
2) Everyone draw a card, and think of how to build a Lego creation that looks like that for a few seconds.
3) Start a timer for 60 seconds.
4) Everyone build at the same time. You may trade any block(s) with unused blocks in the center
5) Stop working when the time runs out.
6) Decide who will guess first, and go around once clockwise. Each player will choose a creation that they think is recognizable and make one guess. If the guess is correct, give one point to the guesser and one point to the builder.
7) First player(s) to 7 points wins!