Monday, August 3, 2020

What moves you?

I keep thinking about what career/field/team/system I would actually like to be a part of, to identify with and help them grow. My feelings go out to, in no particular order:

Sound design software development
Martial arts
Non-profit organizations

What is curious about this is how each location is totally distinct.

Software development is where I feel like I have the most useful and developed skills, and sound editing/generation has always been an interest of mine. Not that I have already tested this, but feel that I have the ability to pursue it, and the interest to stick with it. But this is just a "subject", I have no real sense of how or with whom I would work on this.

Martial Arts is completely unrelated to any of that. I took classes for a few years, got a black belt. Pursuing martial arts as an occupation is virtually a guarantee of poverty and difficulty, but deep fulfillment in both the practice and connections with other humans.

Non-profit organizations are a moral/rational appeal to utilitarianism -- I have seen this whole class of organizations do more good to more people with less resources than any other system. The work would be ultimately meaningful, but daily I expect it would be both difficult and tedious - for my own life, the impact would be similar to the corporate drone life I have now, except with little-to-no pay.

Politics and government are at the far extreme of abstract sacrifice. I see so much disfunction, waste, and simple ignorance, that I am forced to conclude that there is a great deficit of talent and effort in this system. I feel like I, individually, could make the greatest impact by working to inform and support these systems. But the system itself is so vast and bogged down, that simply contemplating where one would start is anxiety-inducing.

Ask yourself, what moves you to act, and why?