Friday, February 1, 2019

Pokemon Go Super Effective Attacks by Type

The data for this
The above flowchart shows only the "Super Effective" attack types -- adding the "Weak" attacks makes a pretty absurd looking flowchart.

However, if you are choosing a Pokemon type that will be Super Effective for a fight, you also want to know what the effectiveness of the opponent will be against you. Because if type A is Super Effective against type B, then type B effectiveness against type A might be Normal, Weak, or Extremely Weak. This is represented by the color and thickness of the lines.

  • Thin, pure red lines: effectiveness of the reverse attack is normal
  • Thicker, somewhat purple lines: effectiveness of the reverse attack is weak 
  • Thickest, dark maroon lines: effectiveness of the reverse attack is extremely weak
So if your opponent is type Psychic, your best option is to choose a Pokemon with type Dark.

The data for this came from In text form, the full data is

  • Bug does 1.6x damage to: Dark, Grass, Psychic
  • Bug does .625x damage to: Fighting, Fire, Flying, Fairy, Ghost, Poison, Steel
  • Dark does 1.6x damage to: Ghost, Psychic
  • Dark does .625x damage to: Dark, Fighting, Fairy
  • Dragon does 1.6x damage to: Dragon
  • Dragon does .625x damage to: Steel
  • Dragon does .391x damage to: Fairy
  • Electric does 1.6x damage to: Flying, Water
  • Electric does .625x damage to: Dragon, Electric, Grass
  • Electric does .391x damage to: Ground
  • Fairy does 1.6x damage to: Dark, Dragon, Fighting
  • Fairy does .625x damage to: Fire, Poison, Steel
  • Fighting does 1.6x damage to: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
  • Fighting does .625x damage to: Bug, Fairy, Flying, Poison, Psychic
  • Fighting does .391x damage to: Ghost
  • Fire does 1.6x damage to: Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel
  • Fire does .625x damage to: Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water
  • Flying does 1.6x damage to: Bug, Fighting, Grass
  • Flying does .625x damage to: Electric, Rock, Steel
  • Ghost does 1.6x damage to: Ghost, Psychic
  • Ghost does .625x damage to: Dark
  • Ghost does .391x damage to: Normal
  • Grass does 1.6x damage to: Ground, Rock, Water
  • Grass does .625x damage to: Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Grass, Poison, Steel
  • Ground does 1.6x damage to: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
  • Ground does .625x damage to: Bug, Grass
  • Ground does .391x damage to: Flying
  • Ice does 1.6x damage to: Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground
  • Ice does .625x damage to: Fire, Ice, Steel, Water
  • Normal does .625x damage to: Rock, Steel
  • Normal does .391x damage to: Ghost
  • Poison does 1.6x damage to: Grass, Fairy
  • Poison does .625x damage to: Ghost, Ground, Poison, Rock
  • Poison does .391x damage to: Steel
  • Psychic does 1.6x damage to: Fighting, Poison
  • Psychic does .625x damage to: Psychic, Steel
  • Psychic does .391x damage to: Dark
  • Rock does 1.6x damage to: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice
  • Rock does .625x damage to: Fighting, Ground, Steel
  • Steel does 1.6x damage to: Fairy, Ice, Rock
  • Steel does .625x damage to: Electric, Fire, Steel, Water
  • Water does 1.6x damage to: Fire, Ground, Rock
  • Water does .625x damage to: Dragon, Grass, Water

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